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Who are we ?

SOGEBA is a family owned company founded in 1978, working in institutional product distribution and gradually turning its development to the health market in the 1990s, with the filing of the first payment for the automated disinfection of water in risk-prone services.SOGEBA is a family owned company in water treatment

SOGOBA became a specialized player in water management in the hospital environment.

A range designed for professionals

Design and marketing of a wide range of surgical washbasins and nursing care products.

Development of effluent treatment stations.

Patented products

 In 2008, with hospital referrals, it followed up its 1992 patent filed for bacteriological control of water, with a system to ensure the protection of the quality of water at the point of use, the patent for THERMEXT©.

In 2012, SOGOBA merged with GRK to establish a common approach to strategic development in the hospital environment, extending the product range.