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Flush fitting balancer

Flush fitting balancer
Anti-burns safety - The protection of water points (instantly turning off the HW if the CW is cut off): no risk of burns.
User comfort - Totally eliminates temperature variations caused by extensive drawing off at other points of the network (e.g.: hotels).
Measures against "water backflow" - No CW/DHW mixing chamber in the apparatus.
- No mandatory maintenance every year (case of EA valves)

The principle

The flush fitting balancer is a balancing unit with 2 reference pressures. It balances the outlet pressures on the lowest of the inlet pressures.

When one of the inlet pressures drops to zero, the two outlet pressures do so too. This makes this device ideal to improve safety, eliminating any risk of burns should the pressure drop in the the Cold Water network.

It operates without any maintenance or adjustment, guaranteeing that your CW/DHW mix is consistent in the course of time and making surprise cold showers a thing of the past.


The flush fit balancing unit fits into the sanitary space of bathrooms, showers, on wall mounted water inlets. 

The results are immediate.