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Balancing & Maintenance the sanitary networks

Balancing & Maintenance the sanitary networks

Sogoba proposes a seamless solution for balancing, maintenance and this surveillance of looped sanitary networks. The GRK NET valve is today's most complete balancing valve for domestic hot water applications.

Legionnaire's disease

Thelegionella pneumophila bacteria are responsible for 90% of legionnaire's disease cases. Human beings are contaminated by breathing in the vapors generated for instance, when showering. The bacteria develop quickly in stagnant water at "tepid" temperatures (around 35°C) and are only destroyed when the temperature rises to 50°C. The alert threshold is set at 1000 UFC/l in Domestic Hot Water networks. The circular of 22.04.2002 stipulates the nature of the required preventive actions to prevent these bacteria from appearing:

  • The correct design of the installations
  • The maintenance and servicing of the installations
  • The control of the water temperature and every point of installation

GRK Net valve

New DTU 60.11 from August 2013

The new DTU specifies that the adjustment devices for domestic hot water networks must be designed and adjusted so as to obtain a passage height of at least 1 mm. The products selected by SOGOBA meet these requirements even at very low Kv values.

The solutions developed by SOGOBA

SOGOBA has developed an overall solution for balancing and maintaining optimal water quality in sanitary networks by the automation of bounds nouvelle maintenance and the choice of the highest performing balancing valve for sanitary networks.

Today, regulations require the use of a process of keeping an up to date "Sanitary logbook", proving that the network has been checked and maintained. The solution offered by SOGOBA covers this requirement by generating the printout of a sanitary logbook pre-completed by the IT system.