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Thermext ®

Thermext ®

The THERMEXT® system produces domestic hot water (DHW) at 37/38°C heated in the distal part as close as possible to the point of distribution by a mini exchanger system, balancing and regulation devices which are exclusively hydraulic.

Protected BCW for health facilities

SOGOBA is innovating by developing a hot water production system directly at the drawing point.

THERMEXT®, without an electric supply, makes it possible to obtain water heated to a constant temperature while ensuring optimal safety and comfort.

L'eau chaude confort avec Thermext

THERMEXT® is suitable to supply water to a shower with adjustment by a thermostatically controlled valve. With this equipment, accurate management of the water temperature is possible, independently of the cold water temperature fluctuations.

The principle

When installed in a technical writer, the THERMEXT® system is used with a micro-exchanger connected to a thermostatic and hydraulic regulating system. When the user opens the tap, primary network water is allowed to circulate through the exchanger. Calories are then transferred from the primary network to the distribution network and therefore on to the tap.

Product plus point

Hygiene: Hot water is produced immediately next to the drawing point.

  • Environment: Energy consumption is reduced compared to centralize production and hot water is only produced on-demand
  • Safety: The temperature can be set to a maximum of 50°C two minimize risks of burns. However, a thermal shock can be generated.

ThermextTechnical characteristics*

  • Primary network pressure: 75°C
  • Dimensions (H*W*L) : 200x100x500 mm
  • Weight: 3.6 kg• Flowrate: 8 l/min
  • Temperature: Adjustable from 15°C to 45°C
  • Exchanger Spiral monocal type
  • Thermostatic anti-burn mixer
  • Double membrane hydraulic circuit breaker
  • Cold water network pressure: 3 bar

* Ces caractéristiques correspondent uniquement
à celles du modèle présenté et peuvent différer
suivant l'équipement fourni.