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High-temperature effluents

High-temperature effluents

The principle


High-temperature effluent is directed to storage tanks where it goes through an automated cooling cycle. The cooling obtained by a stainless steel exchanger is tested by a temperature probe. The effluent is evacuated once it has reached the authorized temperature, that is a maximum of 30°C.

A looped network can be formed to recover the calories and thus preheat the cold water intended for the production of Domestic Hot Water (DHW).

Departments concerned

Sterilization and laundry

Installation safety
  • Defect indicator lights on electric cabinet, in department to be processed and on facility safety PC
  • Several level indicators in retention tanks and vats.
  • Supervision System with data transfer to touchscreen and/or PC, remote testing and control (Option)

Regulatory context

Ruling of 02/02/98 concerning the drawing and consumption of water and the admission of all types of listed installations for environmental protection requiring authorization.

"The released effluent temperature is less than 30° C and the pH is included between 5.5 and 8.5 or 9.5 in the case of alkaline neutralization."