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Sanitary network technical management

SOGOBA helps you with the design, installation and commissioning of a solution for monitoring sanitary network temperatures. The system was designed to align with the current regulations (ruling of 1 February 2010) for all facilities open to the public.

We provide project owners, directors of health, medico-social or social establishments, and technical managers of sanitary installations, a complete solution for the maintenance and monitoring of sanitary networks closed as part of the application of the decree of February 1, 2010 (Management of legionella risk).

The SOGWATCH software is a solution suitable for EHPADs, retirement homes, medical care homes (FAM), specialized care homes (MAS).

SOGWATCH only acquires the data required by regulations before sending it to you by email in the form of a health record without any action on your part. The data is interpreted by the system which informs you in the event of an anomaly so that you can react.

Faced with the complex GTB/GTC acquisition centers which equip many buildings, the SOGWATCH software has been designed as an ultra-simplified technical monitoring tool which will automatically notify staff in the event of anomalies, with a budget accessible to the smallest establishments. .

Real-time monitoring

  • Supervision with intuitive browsing
  • Domestic hot water and/or cold water temperatures posted in real-time and filed.
  • Feedback on loop pump operating status
  • Measurement of water consumption.
  • Warnings about temperatures outside selected range

Data filing

  • Automated issue of a pre-completed sanitary log including temperature curves for the period.

Automated maintenance

  • Automated cleaning of motorized balancing valves to eliminate risks of fouling.
  • Evacuation of particles to the drain to ensure optimal circulation through the loops, even in the long-term.