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Sanitary network technical management

SOGOBA helps you with the design, installation and commissioning of a solution for monitoring sanitary network temperatures. The system was designed to align with the current regulations (ruling of 1 February 2010) for all facilities open to the public.

Real-time monitoring

  • Supervision with intuitive browsing
  • Domestic hot water and/or cold water temperatures posted in real-time and filed.
  • Feedback on loop pump operating status
  • Measurement of water consumption.
  • Warnings about temperatures outside selected range

Data filing

  • Automated issue of a pre-completed sanitary log including temperature curves for the period.

Automated maintenance

  • Automated cleaning of motorized balancing valves to eliminate risks of fouling.
  • Evacuation of particles to the drain to ensure optimal circulation through the loops, even in the long-term.

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