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EBM® Water Bacteriologically Controlled

EBM® Water Bacteriologically Controlled

In a hospital environment, the facility technical services are responsible for regularly (preventive maintenance) or as a spot measure (corrective maintenance) implementing protocols ranging from chlorination to thermal shock, including the disassembly of tap spouts to descale them, with varying levels of success regarding the microbiological quality obtained at the drawing point.

This maintenance is time-consuming and demanding.

To complement this, in services exposed to risks, users are turning increasingly towards disposable filtration solutions (15-30 days) which are costly and require stringent monitoring.

The solution for services exposed to risks

In 1992, SOGOBA designed a patent it system which consisted in the automatic and daily disinfection in a dedicated loop, the network, of prefilters, the distal parts (taps and fittings), the terminal filters and the traps.

éléments filtrantsProduct plus points
  • Reduction of the presence of pathogenic germs at the point of use.
  • Elimination of repetitive tasks for the personnel
  • Reduced terminal filtration budget by 75% thanks to membranes preserving the filters in place for at least 3 months
  • Allows the fouling the filters to be checked.
  • Produces water to the level II COTEREHOS grade
  • Installed in more than 200 public and private facilities

Neonatal Department, resuscitation, operating block,
oncology, hematology, severe burns, grafts, ...

The principle

The SOGOBA water treatment station consists of a plumbing cabinet and an electrical cabinet. The BCW looped network runs through the plumbing cabinet where it undergoes permanent filtration by 20' cartridges (5 and 1µ filters), and 10' cartridges (3 and 1µ). This continues filtration is backed up at the terminal point by an absolute 0.22 µ filter.

The life duration of the terminal filters is guaranteed for up to 3 months.

As a complement to filtration, the electric cabinet can be used for programming an automated daily disinfecting cycle (contact time approximately 20 min).

SOGOBA's BCW process also includes testing of the founding factor and the integrity of the terminal filter membrane in our workshops.

solution clé en mains EBMTurnkey solutions
  • Feasibility, layout and personal setting up studies
  • Tailor-made sizing study: PC00 (1 to 2 water points) PC01 (3 to 8 water points) PC09 (up to 25 water points)
  • Generation of a specification
  • Electronic taps and fittings approved by SOGOBA
  • Installation on request
  • Monitoring and testing of filters every quarter
  • Maintenance contract

Integrity and fouling factor test on terminal filters

tests bactériologiquesThe principle

Integrity tests on terminal filters are performed in our workshops. The results are analyzed by our teams, allowing personalized diagnosis. The conclusions may lead to an increase in the lifespan of the filters thereby decreasing the budget allocated to consumables.

All the process filters are tested and approved to guarantee optimal results. The terminal filter is exclusive, benefiting from SOGOBA branding.  Our partners and suppliers support the "quality approach" developed by SOGOBA to ensure that hospitals are given a bacteriological guarantee and benefit from a controlled cost of their expendables.

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